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Pet at the vet

A pet is a very important part of growing up for any child as it comes with an enormous weight of responsibility. Making sure your child both understands and commits to this responsibility in advance of your pet's arrival is of vital importance or your will have even more daily chores on your list.

The Pet Vet is The Letter Fairy's friend who is an expert at all things animal and he is here to ensure your children commit to and keep up with their pet responsibilities. The Pet Vet is every parents' ally and reduces the need for hours of endless nagging. Just roll him out whenever a gentle reminder is required.

The Pet Vet also is someone you can call on when you lose a pet which can be a very traumatic time for everyone in the family. The Pet Vet can reassure your child that their pet was very aware of their love and appreciative of all they did for them.

The Pet Vet can also deal with bespoke queries so if your child is having some problems with their pet and is not heeding your advice on the matter perhaps a letter from our resident expert concurring with your advice might help make life more enjoyable for you and your family pet along the way...pretty cool eh!

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