The Letter Fairy



"Thanks Letter Fairy, we had an incident in school which was causing all sorts of problems and we used your bespoke letter service to get to the bottom of what was going on. It was really helpful and because our advice came from you it was taken on board so much more. Delighted to say it solved our little issue quickly before it became a big one for Oisín."

Ann & Dave - Co. Tipperary

"I loved your book Finding Pip. It was definitely the best book I ever read. I read all last night. If you ever need anyone to read one of your books again I am the first one in line. It is suitable for 9-11 and Conor likes it too, he only read a few pages as I was finishing them. Hurry up and write another one so I can read it, you could continue Finding Pip. Love, Meadhbh."

Meadhbh O'Reilly - Co. Tipperary (Age 10)

"I just love this website, we trialled it for The Letter Fairy during the testing stage before it went live online. My children are 4, 7 and 9 years old and they absolutely loved it. There was such excitement when a letter came and the letters really helped build confidence and self-esteem for our 7 years old particularly who needed it. I will definitely continue to use this site for my kids going forward it's terrific and great value for money for customised products like they offer, highly recommend it to any parents out there."

Jennifer O'Dea - Co. Meath