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Finding Pip


Finding Pip
Finding Pip Finding Pip

The Letter Fairy’s friend Carey-Ann has written an exciting children’s book called Finding Pip which all our fairies and special characters really enjoyed, we hope you do too!

A heart-warming tale for all the family! A sheltered house dog called Pip decides he needs to find out who he really is. This path of self-discovery involves an epic adventure from home through the garden, across acres of fields to a nearby farmyard, before hitching a ride to the beach and dining in town with a rap star sharing a delicious yet scary supper.

Along the way, Pip meets some very special new friends and has a not so pretty encounter with a pack of hungry alley cats before he takes refuge at the local shelter for animals.

This story demonstrates some of Ireland’s best-known animals in their natural habitat and the story is portrayed through the eyes of a kind hearted philosophical house dog with whom all children can identify with easily.

Finding Pip is suitable for 5-9 year olds, younger readers would enjoy it as a bed time story read to them and older children can read it alone either way, it’s a keeper and one parents will enjoy too!